Here's how to get started: First you will need to apply for an account in our system and have your websites approved. Once you have been approved you can place our JavaScript code (generated in our platform) in your website body. After you have placed the code all of your visitors will view advertisements from Pubsio. We give you full control of how many times the advertisements are shown in a 24 hour timeframe, so your visitors will not be disturbed by repeated advertisements. We offer easy implementation and we can make campaigns live within one business day (based on site qualifications).

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what makes pubsio great

  • Access your account 24 hours a day.
  • Get account management support when you need it.
  • Fast easy approval process.
  • Pubsio works with top advertisers that pay top payouts.
  • Detailed reporting allows you to analyze revenue in real time.
  • We allow you control of how often ads are served.
  • Little to no maintenance needed on your part.

what we can do for you

  • Provide an immediate revenue stream for the content you already have.
  • Tap into our extensive advertiser network to deliver top paying user advertisements.
  • Advertising that is fast, reliable and effective. Apply today.